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Trade-In at Driver's World

At Driver's World, you can sell us your car without buying one from us. Just bring your vehicle in and we’ll make you an offer, in writing, using current buying guides. Don’t worry about Low Trade-In Figures from other dealers or expensive classified ads – just bring your vehicle in and take advantage of our free appraisal to purchase offer. It’s fast. It’s easy. So … remember if you’re ready to sell, we’re ready to buy.

Step One: Bring Us Your Car

We provide a free evaluation of your vehicle to include:

  • A test drive of the vehicle
  • A complete inspection to check frame, paint, interior and exterior, etc.
  • Verify age and mileage of vehicle

Step Two: Receive a Written Offer

We will make you an offer in writing using current buying guidelines

  • An honest, fair written offer
  • The offer is good for 3 days or 150 miles
  • If you are ready to sell, we are ready to buy

Step Three: Complete The Sale

You will get your check quickly.

  • You just need to bring in your vehicle paperwork, keys, any remote controls and other equipment
  • If you owe money, we will assist you to complete the payoff
  • If you don’t owe money, you can use it for a down payment on a Driver's World vehicle

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